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During the past 50 years we have not only listened to our clients, but have been actively identifying and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the market

Kolektor, with its headquarters in Slovenija (Idrija), comprises more than 30 companies in 14 countries. Strategic position of the company`s headquarters in the heart of Europe, and global marketing and production presence on all important world markets, ensure effective managing of market demand and optimal business solutions.

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Kolektor Group d.o.o.

Mobility Components and Systems

Commutators Magnetics Hybrid Components Electronics and Drives Automation
Kolektor Sikom
Kolektor CCL
Kolektor Sinyung
Kolektor KFH

Kolektor KMT
Kolektor KFH

Kolektor ATP
Kolektor Ascom
Kolektor Sinyung
Kolektor ATS
Kolektor Conttek
Kolektor Tesla Jihlava

Kolektor Sikom
Kolektor Ascom 
Kolektor Microtel
Kolektor Siegert Eletronics
Kolektor Orodjarna

Power Engineering

Small Hydro Plant Hydro Equipment Power Transformers Power Engineering Systems

SHPP Bošava
SHPP Ljutina
SHPP Ljuta

Kolektor Turboinštitut Kolektor Etra Kolektor IGIN

Engineering and Technology Systems

Civil Works Water Treatment Automation and Electrical Engineering Insulation Solutions

Kolektor Koling
Kolektor CPG

Kolektor Sisteh Kolektor Sisteh Kolektor Insulation


Kolektor Ventures

Related companies and trade

Kolektor EVT sistemi
Kolektor Prokos 
Nanotesla institut Logatec

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