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Based on the tradition dating back to 1887, we provide first-class solutions in the field of the insulation of pipelines. We market products for thermal insulation, fire insulation and sound insulation.

We strive for sustainable goals, such as energy efficiency and fire protection of buildings, which offer great comfort of living to residents. With insulation products, we turn ordinary buildings into human and environmentally friendly buildings. They become a place of comfort as they satisfy basic human needs for security and peace.


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Why work with us

  • Established processes in the files of research and development (patents)
  • Collaboration with experts and boards for standardization
  • Application of state of art engineering methods
  • Setting high standards in the field of civil works
  • Responsible management of environment, finances and human resources
  • Training and education of construction companies, project designers, architects, installers and wholesalers
  • High flexibility
  • Easy installation (Plug-and-Play)
  • Excellent technical post-sale support
  • Focus on customer needs and demands when introducing new products and adjusting of products with appropriate standards

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