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Kolektor Mobility

Long tradition and experience in the field of development and production of mobility components and systems place us among the most reliable global providers of integrated automotive industry solutions.

We are led by responsibility towards the environment and the principles of sustainable development from the conceptual designs of our products. At the same time, we proactively respond to the megatrends of electrification of vehicle propulsion, autonomous driving and interconnectivity in the car. We develop and supply all the key components for most of the cars that make our everyday life on the road easier.


ISO 14001 (09. 02. 2025)
ISO 27001 (29. 08. 2025)
Kolektor Mobility
  • Primož Bešter, Company Director
  • Marjan Drmota, Company Director


Kolektor Mobility d.o.o.
Vojkova 10
SI-5280 Idrija

T +386 5 3750 100


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