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With the Power Transformers program, we offer the development, production, servicing and decommissioning of energy, distribution and special power transformers of up to 500 MVA and voltage of up to 420 kV. Technologically, we focus on reducing losses and noise levels.

The transformer as the power converter between different voltage levels is one of the most important parts of power facilities. By increasing energy requirements, the quality of transformers is gaining increasing importance in the reliable supply to consumers.


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Why work with us

  • an experienced, innovative and professionally qualified team
  • 85 years of experience in the production of transformers
  • technical support for different service activities on transformers from various manufacturers, both in the field and in the internal workshop
  • integrated management system policy
  • technologically advanced production 
  • a high-voltage laboratory for testing transformers equipped with modern precision measuring equipment, allowing accurate measurements and reliable results
  • excellent after-sales support

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