Hybrid Components

Connection for reliable mobility 

Our mission is to offer hybrid components that are made from injection molded polymers combined with precision metal parts and/or functional components. Such products serve as electrical power and/or signal connectors or heating elements within housing for electrical devices (drives, actuators, pumps, sensors, control units and other mechatronic products) in automotive industry.  

From A samples to industrialization with state-of-the-art technologies is the way we address the needs of our customers. 


How we work  


Electrical motor connectors for electrical drives & alternators

  • power connection of BLDC (EC) stators
  • slip rings





 Sensor integration 

  • custom sensor integration with or without functional components


Interconnection assemblies for mechatronics

  • actuator
  • pumps
  • ECU power and signal connection housings with or without functional component






Precision polymer parts 

  • precision polymers


Precision stamping parts for hybrid components, connectors

  • aluminum, steel or stainless steel with 0.08–2.0 mm material thickness
  • EloPin and Press-fit stamping parts 




Heating subassemblies

  • heating elements  



Interior and exterior assemblies for visual parts

  • custom assemblies
  • interior and exterior parts

An attractive technology basket


  • reel-to-reel
  • press-fit
  • IDC-Insulation displacement connector


  • reel-to-reel
  • barrel


Polymer processing

  • thermoset (EP, PF, BMC)
    • injection molding
    • transfer molding
  • thermoplastic
    • insert molding (metal, magnet, electronic parts)
    • 2K
    • GIT


  • laser welding
  • hot staking
  • resistance welding
  • ultrasonic welding
  • wire bonding 
  • soldering
  • gluing 



  • thermoset
  • potting
  • 2K
  • vacuum impregnation



Why work with us

  • from A samples to technology concept proposal (mechanical construction, simulation, prototyping)
  • from validated technology solution to industrialization
  • injection & compression molding experience (different thermoplastic & thermoset materials)
  • re-forming and surface treatment of non-ferrous metal
  • design optimization (FEM, FLOW and THERMAL analysis)
  • production process optimization
  • optimal material selections
  • excellent engineering expertise and experienced professional team
  • excellent project management according to TS 16949 and ISO 14001
  • certified management systems
  • efficient and flexible logistic processes
  • in-house manufacture of tools & production equipment
  • optical & electrical inspection

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