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Kolektor Orodjarna

With proper development and construction of tools, state-of-art equipment, wide specter of treatments, and strong sub-contractors net, this company provides its customers resp. partners with integral tooling services, development and production of production lines and machines.

As a global supplier for quality tools for injection molding of thermosets and thermoplastic, this company ensures integral offer and expert support in the demanding segments of the automotive industry and industry of household appliances. The second program field is development and production of lines and machines, special equipment for production processes, and development and realization of automation and machine vision.

Focusing on constant improvements, we represent a development partner to our customers while the synergy of all participants contributes to greater success of all parties included.

ISO 14001 (09. 02. 2022)
  • Robert Čerin, Company Director
  • Ph.D. Boštjan Zajec, Technical Director
  • Jaka Ogrič, Production Director


Kolektor Orodjarna d.o.o.
Vojkova 10
SI-5280 Idrija

T: +386 5 375 01 00
F: +386 5 375 01 50


Branch Postojna
Industrijska c. 2
SI-6230 Postojna

T: +386 5 728 38 20
F: +386 5 728 39 12 

BU Vision
Cesta v Gorice 34 a
SI-1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 51 659 190


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