The driving force of our operations

Responsibility is one of the values that are the driving force of our operations.

By fulfilling mutual agreements and by taking responsible attitude towards work, we pursue goals set by owners, employees, customers and environment. With our solutions, products and services we are committed to the principles of sustainable development

Responsibility to business partners

Focusing on the customer is one of the key components of the philosophy, vision and strategy of KOLEKTOR. Such an approach enables us to cope successfully with global competition and is strongly linked to the quality of our products, services, processes, expertise and work.

Quality policy, pdf (388 kB)



Social responsibility

Our operation is guided by socially responsible and sustainably oriented activities.

We try to become (and remain) active wherever Kolektor operates.

Occupational safety and health policy, pdf (101 kB)



Environmental responsibility

Environmental protection is responsibility and a part of everyday life of the Kolektor group employees at all levels and in all fields of operation. It constitutes an important part of social responsibility and partnership relations with local public and public at large.



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