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Nanotesla Institut Logatec

The Nanotesla Institut Ljubljana was established by industrial partners for the purpose of research and development of nanomaterials and their further transfer to industry. In September 2019, Nanotesla Institut Ljubljana changed the location and registered office of the company (relocation to Logatec, Obrtna cona 4) and in October 2019 changed its name to Nanotesla Institut Logatec.

The Nanotesla Institute is a research and development center with extensive expertise focused on various micro- and nanomaterials and composites. This is further enhanced by years of industrial background and substantial investment in various equipment. For the needs of Kolektor companies, Nanotesla Institut develops composite materials, including the manufacturing process, intended for various types of thermal forming.

Nevenka Rajnar, Acting Manager Head of Development 
Tel.: +386 1 5833 129
GSM: +386 51 689 291

Development engineers:

Mitja Linec, PhD
Tel.: +386 1 5833 166

Ana Skvarča, Master of Chemistry
Tel.: +386 1 5833 172

Rok Šinkovec, BSc in Chemistry  
Tel.: +386 1 5833 162

Nanotesla Institut Logatec
Obrtna cona Logatec 4

T: +386 1 58 33 122
F: +386 1 58 33 231

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