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Kolektor Magnet Technology

Kolektor Magnet Technology GmbH is one of the leading companies worldwide, boasting remarkable competences in the field of plastic-bonded permanent magnets. Kolektor Magnet Technology GmbH, emerging from former magnet business division of the Krupp organization (Krupp Widia),has long-lasting experience/long tradition, rich experience in manufacturing of all modern permanent magnets. Next to the product portfolio of plastic-bonded NdFeB and hard-ferrite magnets, sintered AlNiCo and magnet assemblies provided by the production of the German facility in Essen, Kolektor Magnet Technology GmbH  also offers sintered NdFeB and SmCo magnets from affiliated companies in China, primarily for automotive and industrial applications, e.g. BLDC – motors and sensors.

Kolektor Magnet Technology
  • Bogo Miklavčič, Company Director 

Kolektor Magnet Technology GmbH
Zur Halbinsel 6,
D-45356 Essen

T +49 201 17897 0


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