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Kolektor Etra Beograd

The company Minel Dinamo d.o.o., now Kolektor Etra Beograd, was founded many years ago in 1946 and was privatised in 2004, while it has been in the majority ownership of Kolektor Etra d.o.o. since June 2018.

Production and overhaul of oil-filled power transformers:

  • production of oil-filled power transformers with currents of 10, 20 and 35kV and power from 50kVA to 16MVA
  • production of special transformers with currents up to 35kV and power of 16MVA, in accordance with the customer's requirements
  • servicing of oil-filled power transformers of currents up to 110kV and power up to 31.5MVA both in factories and off-site
  • replacement, inspection and repair of load control switches
  • assembly off-site and the start-up of power transformers and electrical measurements on the SAT in accordance with IEC 60076
  • Simon Palfi, Managing Director
  • Miha Kenk, Technical Director
  • Dragan Kastratovič, Commercial Director


Kolektor Etra Beograd d.o.o.
Svetosavska 394 d,
11460 Barajevo

T 011 830 06 00


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