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Kolektor Igin

Kolektor Igin d.o.o. is a specialized provider of high-voltage protection systems implemented in high-voltage power networks for protection of the actual devices and of conductors.

Operation fields:

  • Secondary equipment and systems in power engineering;
  • Protection production trials, parametrization, and functional and start-up trials, control and measuring;
  • Counselling in the area of protection and control of power systems;
  • Planning and realization of regular yearly protection trials;
  • Analyses and measurements of the power engineering system.


ISO 14001 (29. 03. 2024)
ISO 9001 (29. 07. 2022)
ISO 45001 (16. 12. 2022)
  • Jože Ponikvar, Company Director
  • Nejc Štefančič, Head of Sales Department
  • Miha Virant, Head of Management Department
  • Tone Sirk, Head of Executive Department


Kolektor Igin d.o.o.
Šlandrova ulica 8b
SI-1231 Ljubljana - Črnuče

T: +386 1 23 48 197
F: +386 1 23 48 192
E (sales):



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