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Kolektor Ventures

Kolektor will become recognised as an innovative company in the field of corporate and social environment digitalisation. Breakthrough innovations will be encouraged within a start-up ecosystem. We shall establish fruitful linkages of existing corporate structures with innovators, institutes and universities, in order to facilitate the recognition of genuine innovative breakthroughs and their development to commercial exploitation.

We want to become a new growth generator by exploiting breakthrough innovations in the context of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

Our focus is upon the following:

  • creating opportunities for Kolektor growth through innovations in the field of IIoT
  • speeding up innovation (following the “open innovation” concept)
  • facilitating capitalization of ideas generated in start-up companies
  • facilitating fruitful linkages between Kolektor and innovative environment (start-up companies, institutes and universities)
  • creating high-quality jobs 

 Kolektor start-up platform enables innovators the development of innovative ideas to the market penetration. In addition to the funding, we offer the following to the potential entrepreneurs and individuals:

  • working environment,
  • mentoring,
  • networking,
  • industrialization,
  • market capitalization.
  • Mateja Lavrič, Managing Director   

Kolektor Ventures d.o.o.
Vojkova 10
5280 Idrija

T +386 5 3750 100


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