We live our values and we foster them through our work


Responsibility to work, proprietors, employees and environment

By fulfilling mutual agreements and being responsible towards work, we pursue goals set by proprietors, employees, customers and environment.

With our solutions, products and services we are committed to the principles of sustainable development.


Fairness to business partners and co-workers 

Fairness and ethical responsibility towards business partners and co-workers is the basis of our cooperation.

Passion for success

We are dedicated to achieving set goals

As long-term reaching of set goals requires proactive approach and operational excellence, we pursue and realize our business goals with persistence, enthusiasm and courage.

Customer proximity

We are focused on satisfying customers 

We believe that only effective partner relationships lead to satisfied customers therefore we are focused on recognition of customer's requirements and providing of appropriate solutions.

This is our basis for building interdependent and long-term partnerships and encouraging relationships with business partners and our employees.


We are driven by ideas and their realization 

Our creativity-friendly environment is a stimulus for our employees to develop innovative ideas that are realized and further targeted at key segments of operation of our own organization and solutions for our customers.

We also actively introduce the most advanced solutions into our branch of business.

Team spirit

We are able to work together for common goals 

We encourage cooperation, flow of information and knowledge sharing among co-workers. 

We create positive environment for undisturbed operation of our company and thus provide for success of our partners. Together we are stronger.

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