Caring for the enviroment

Caring for the enviroment 

Because we are aware that with our activities we have an influence on the environment, our attitude towards the environment leads us in the course of our operations. Environmental protection is important for sustainable and successful development of Kolektor, for quality life of the employees and the society as such.




Our goals are

  • to reduce the consumption of energy
  • to reduce the consumption of drinking water
  • to reduce the amount of industrial waste
  • to reduce the amount of municipal waste
  • to increase the proportion of re-used materials
  • to develop products and services with the lowest possible impact on the environment during and after their use
  • to constantly raise awareness among the employees and train and inform them about the requirements, state and achieved targets in the field of environmental protection
  • to promote environmental awareness also among everybody who works for the Kolektor companies

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