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A commutator is a component part of an electromotor and is fitted on the armature. A commutator alternates direction of the flow of electric current in the armature winding so to retain direction of armature spinning in the motor. More ...


  • Application of the state-of-art development tools (ProE, Pro-M,...)
  • Proper construction and production of tools and machines
  • Analyses as to potential improvements in commutator mounting
  • Automation and visual inspection


  • Project management in accordance with customer expectations
  • Certified management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949)
  • Well organized and flexible logistic processes


  • Complete solution (development, production & support services)
  • Long tradition and experience in re-forming of copper and injection molding
  • Established development and quality processes according to quality standards
  • In-house manufacture of tools and production equipment for the automation process
  • Sustained level of quality at all production locations worldwide
  • Reliable partner ensuring optimal relation between quality and price

Meeting customer requirements by:

  • Ensuring long life of the commutation system in aggressive fuels
  • Ensuring the expected life of the high-end household appliances and professional power tools
  • Ensuring high number of restart cycles in start-stop systems
  • Reducing electromagnetic interferences
  • Optimizing in-built incoming material selection


Development partnership

  • Design optimisation (FEM, FLOW and THERMAL analysis)
  • Production process optimisation
  • Optimal material selection

Testing and simulation

  • In different fluids, under different temperatures, shocking, humidifying chambers with various temperature and humidity profiles


Holder of several patents from the following fields: carbon commutators, reinforced commutators, commutators made under cold forming, commutators enabling reduced pollution of the environment with electromagnetic intereferences.

Recipient of numerous awards by its customers for development partner and supplier of the year.


  • For auxiliary motors

  • For fuel pump motors

  • For starter motors

  • For E-motors/Alternators*

  • For household appliance motors

  • For industrial motors

  • For power tool motors


  • C technology
  • HB technology
  • HBC technology
  • HPL technology
  • HPG technology
  • Segmented type
  • Large type >50mm
  • Cold extrusion technology
  • Stamped bar technology
  • *Special slip rings