Dejan Velikanje is the Kolektor Manager of the Year

13. 12. 2018

At the traditional Kolektor managers' meeting, the biennial award for the Manager of the Year was presented to Dejan Velikanje, Managing Director of Kolektor Sikom, who has been in charge of this company since January 2009. Under his management, the turnover of this company has increased by 70 percent in the past 10 years and has thus become the most profitable company within Kolektor.

Dejan Velikanje is the Kolektor Manager of the Year

​Throughout his management of the company, he has contributed significantly to successful development of the subsidiary in Kočevje, to positive operation of the subsidiary in Dekani and, after the merger of Magma to Kolektor Sikom, he has achieved a positive change in the operating results of the largest production company within Kolektor. He actively participated in the internationalization of the commutator program in Asia as well as in America, and contributed enormously to the process optimization and the principles of lean production. With his managerial skills and mentorship approach, he has turned Kolektor Sikom into a company with excellent employees. In the field of production and organizational processes, he has actively participated and directed Kolektor Sikom through the major challenge, which is a transformation of the company from the commutator producer to the producer of more complex products with higher added value, such as drives and motors. By introducing the business unit management model in Kolektor at the beginning of this year, he has, in addition to the management of Kolektor Sikom, taken up the management of the largest business unit in Kolektor, which is the commutator business unit with nine production locations in Slovenia and abroad, and with the turnover of 155 million euro.

After having received this award, Dejan Velikanje said: »I am happy and honored for being chosen to receive this award among such a number of successful managers in Kolektor. I am not the first to receive it, but I am the first one born and living in Idrija, which I am very proud of. This award goes to the entire team, the entire management of Kolektor Sikom, to my ex and current colleagues. We are a strong team, a combination of experience and youth. I can say that in those past ten years of our cooperation, we were constantly achieving excellent results. And that counts for something. Sincere thanks to all of you for your grit and hard and responsible work.«

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