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With our own development, design and production of high-quality cutting-bending tools, precision tools for injection-molding of thermoplastics and thermosets, and other special tools, we provide our customers or partners complete tooling services and expert support, especially in demanding segments of the automotive industry, building and industrial technology.

We are distinguished by the use of modern software tools in the field of design and an innovative approach that enables us to produce increasingly complex solutions. In our work, we collaborate with a widespread network of subcontractors.

Solutions examples
  • cutting and bending tools
  • precise injection molding tools
  • larger injection molding tools
  • special tools


Why work with us



  • integral services (from development to implementation)
  • state-of-the-art software and hardware
  • development and construction of tools with application of computer simulation
  • modern processing machines
  • modern laboratory and measuring equipment
  • prototype workshop and test center
  • possibility of testing the products on production machines within Kolektor


  • innovative technical solutions
  • expertise and know-how in developing new product technology
  • expertise and experience in the field of the automotive industry
  • compliance with all required standards
  • efficient organization and flexibility of logistics processes
  • certified management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)
  • top quality and precision
  • application of modern materials and procedures
  • excellent surface protection of tools
  • wide range of tools – from small and precise to large and complex 
  • rich tradition and experience in metal forming and injection molding
  • knowledge of industrial processes and customer requirements
  • comprehensive business and technical knowledge
  • knowledge of modern development and production tools and equipment
  • financial stability and capability of financing larger projects
  • reliability and flexibility as well as customer support in project implementation

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