Who are the innovators of the year 2018?

19. 04. 2019

In 2018, Kolektor companies employees have filed 5,744 innovative ideas, and so far 80 percent have been implemented. A panel comprising of Mr. Žiga Kogej, Mr. Dejan Velikanje, Mr. Bojan Črv, Mr. Andrej Brložnik, and Mr. Peter Erzar evaluated ideas of 106 candidates for awards in 9 categories.
And the awards goes to...

Who are the innovators of the year 2018?

In the field of continuous improvement process, the innovators of the year are, as follows:
in the category of small improvements - individuals: Mr. Janez Jeram, Kolektor Sikom - B1 division with 56 innovative ideas, of which 53 have been successfully implemented, and - in group: the team of the final line B1 division, Kolektor Sikom, which had filed 5.9 ideas per employee. In the category of technical improvement and other improvement there are two awardees: Ms. Živa Trtnik, Kolektor Sikom/Kolektor Group, and Mr. Matej Jurman, Kolektor KFH. Živa has earned the award for her engagement in development of a new technology - R2R - galvana, and Matej for his work with the collaborative robots.

The best in the field of breakthrough improvement process are: in the category of improvement ot production processes Mr. Goran Obradović, Kolektor CCL, for ensuring smooth operation of the final lines and other production processes in manufacture of profiled commutators for improving products, semi-finished parts and services, Mr. Aleš Vrhovnik, Kolektor Etra, for a new procedure of hard soldering of copper conductors in manufacture of transformers, and Mr. Matej Jurman, Kolektor KFH, in the category of improving of non-technological processes for introducing of the REWO platform for digitization of work instructions in SMED and other setting procedures, for introducing 3D- and AR-guides into production and integration of applications and establishing of connections for remote visual, audio and graphic support.

Two further awards for the category of special achievements were presented. Ms. Helga Likar was named the keeper of the continuous improvement process of the year, and Mr. Dragomir Lazar received the life-long work award for his researches and a contribution to development.

Congratulations to all of the recipients of awards!

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