Our contribution for the children`s playground

23. 09. 2020

A new playground was set up and opened for use in the Stanko Bloudek sports park adjacent to the Idrija Primary school.  One of the donors in the more than Eur 50,000 worth project was Kolektor. “Knowledge as well as playfulness are of vital importance in any child`s development. This is why we were most happy to contribute to this project to ensure a safe, comfortable play and happiness for our children,” stressed Eva Cvelbar Primožič, Head of HR.

Our contribution for the children`s playground

“Children are our greatest treasure and our future, therefore we must ensure them with a most pleasant present. Idrija has always been known as the cradle of knowledge. The knowledge has been and will remain our most important value. Educational institutions, such as the primary schools, encourage children to always search for new knowledge and use their creative power to develop in the most healthy way. And non-structured playing is an important element of a child`s development. Kolektor is honored to be a part of this project, enabling an above-standard development of children in so many ways. The modern life style seems to be more and more about constant learning and rushing, with no time reserved for child`s play. Non-structured free time is a basic activity for any child, impacting his or her physical, social and emotional development - a child`s right and need. During play, a child develops proper competences, builds self-esteem and slowly adapts to the challenges awaiting him/her in the adult life. It is real pleasure to see new, modern facilities where there used to be an obsolete playground, “ added Eva Cvelbar Primožič.

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