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How can an event such as a lean academy change you?

05. 12. 2018

"The lean academy has brought me additional confidence and self-awareness in defining work processes, but at the same time, I could approach suppliers, customers and colleagues more convincingly." Are you interested in how the lean academy was experienced by other participants?

How can an event such as a lean academy change you?

Tomaž Kogovšek, Kolektor Sikom: "Participation at the Lean Academy offers an in-depth understanding of the methods and tools of lean production. This is a prerequisite for maintaining the company's competitiveness and prospects or its progress. The knowledge gained through the Lean Academy brings new competences to the participants in the field of management and organization of work processes, and guarantees progress to the company."

Erika Pervanja, Kolektor KFH: "In every such opportunity, I see challenge, acquiring new knowledge and thus also progress – both personal and professional. I like dynamic work. The Lean Academy provides the increase in competencies, the ability to manage projects, promotion and the transfer of knowledge and, last but not least, implementation of all the acquired knowledge in practice."

Matjaž Pirih, Kolektor Sikom: "I responded to the invitation to the Lean Academy because I believe that the methods of lean production in the economy are an important contribution to the success of the company, since these methods increase the efficiency of the process and reduce the value of the capital tied up in stocks, while at the same time they reduce the response time from order to manufacture."

Goran Tešić, Kolektor CCL: "As a promoter of lean production in the Kolektor CCL company, I think that I will benefit from all the additional knowledge in the field of lean production. In addition, the Academy offers me the opportunity to develop the so-called soft skills. It is a good opportunity for professional progress and improvement." 

Rok Slokar, Kolektor Group: "I participate as a mentor at the Lean Academy, since I participated at Kolektor's first Lean Academy which was intended for future management staff. I applied because it enabled me to get to know Kolektor and its operation more closely and acquire and upgrade the knowledge of soft skills and lean production skills. In addition to the above, it has also brought me additional self-confidence and self-awareness in defining processes. I could approach suppliers, customers and, above all, colleagues more convincingly when it was necessary to move the train, and perhaps make some minor changes in thinking. I have accepted the invitation to participate as a mentor at the current Lean Academy because I find it very important to share the knowledge I have with others and because I like to work together and help when something new is being developed. Every minute invested in such programs is an investment for participants, for me and for the company."

Draško Pavljanin, Kolektor CCL: "People are the most important resource of any company. Our strategy is clear; growth. This can only be achieved with motivated and educated colleagues. They are our future; they are the heart, hands, and brain of the company. Investing in human capital is extremely important. One way is also the Lean Academy. This time, I am participating as a mentor; I was among the participants of the first Lean Academy that brought me a lot of new knowledge in the field of lean production, and the so-called soft skills that every individual needs."

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