We hosted the Intelligent and Robotic Autonomy event

18. 11. 2022

The last event from the series of Industry 4.0 meetings - the maturity of smart factories took place at the Kolektor headquarters in Idrija, where we learned about and exchanged good practices from the last level of digital transformation in smart factories - Autonomy.

We hosted the Intelligent and Robotic Autonomy event

In the autonomy phase, companies using already established systems and digital tools from the previous steps (digitization, connectivity, visibility, transparency and predictability) reach the target level of a smart factory - autonomy, where the factor of decision-making and operational activity is no longer solely in the hands of humans, but increasingly becomes the domain of digital twins and robots based on the use of artificial intelligence.

As part of the event, guests visited the production premises of Kolektor KFH d.o.o.

The event was organized in cooperation with SRIP Factories of the Future and the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.


Valter Leban, president of the board


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