The Song of Metal

04. 02. 2020

The production and processing of metals on Slovenian soil has a very wide-ranging history. The millennia of metallurgy in Slovenia is presented at the exhibition “The Song of Metal” held in the National Museum of Slovenia. Kolektor presents itself at the exhibition as a Sieva partner.

The Song of Metal

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana joined forces with the National Museum of Slovenia and prepared the exhibition called “The Song of Metal” in order to draw attention to the rich heritage of metallurgy in Slovenia and to connect the historical overview with technological development in modern times, and at the same time to show the enormous potentials that promise further growth in this field. The colorful exhibition layout is upgraded with the sample products by leading Slovenian companies that compete on the fiercely competitive international market with great success – for example, in the automotive industry and even space technologies. One of them is also Kolektor. According to Gašper Sedej from Kolektor Orodjarna, Kolektor has recognized the great potential in additive technologies and has been making extensive use of them in the last year. It exhibits one of the key segments of the injection molding tool for slip rings, which was made using additive technology of 3D metal printing. The exhibition is on view at the National Museum of Slovenia until May 3, 2020. 

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