Protection of electronic devices on transformer against overvoltages

22. 10. 2018

The 13Th international symposyum “Höfler`s days” will be held this year from 22 to 23 October at the Bernardin Grand Hotel in Portorož. The main topic of the symposium will focus on the endangerment of electric power devices by lightning in relation to the mass usage of power electronics. Kolektor Etra supports the event as one of the bronze sponsors and two of its employees hold a paper on the second day of the event.

Protection of electronic devices on transformer against overvoltages

Authors of the paper, Gregor Gerjevič, constructor of electric systems, and Istok Jerman, senior consultant of Kolektor Etra Director will present a paper titled Protection of electronic devices on transformer against overvoltages. "Some transformer stations are built at great distances from larger centers, and this requires remote control of transformers". The downside of this trend are the failures in electronics. A decade ago devices integrated in transformers operated without electronics. The main and the only guideline of the customers was "why bother exchange something that has worked well for 40 years". Gerjevič explains that, later on, new transformers contained devices with integrated electronics and as for today, there is hardly any electronics-free transformer operating. With ever growing integration of these devices, issues regarding failures from overvoltages and consequent (unforeseeable) costs have arisen. Producers of modern transformers thus provide customers with protective devices with built-in OVP (over-voltage protection) module. They have also started to integrate the OVP into the transformer control cabinets.

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