SS 400/220-220/110/35 kV Divača

Transmission facilities

Renewal of SS 400/220-220/110/35 kV Divača

SS 400/220-220/110/35 kV Divača

Scope of work:

  • Production, supply and installation of 110, 220 and 400 kV secondary equipment
  • FAT and SAT tests

Distribution transformer substation in Divača is one of the most important switchyards in Slovenian electric power transmission network. It supplies electricity to the wider range of Notranjska and Primorska regions as well as the exchange of electricity with electricity systems of Croatia and Italy. Due to the increased needs of Primorska region for electricity and because of the construction of the Avče pumped storage hydropower plant, a single 400/110 kV transformer in Divača no longer provided reliable operation. It was also necessary to replace the primary equipment due to its age as its lifetime had already expired and the replacement of secondary equipment was necessary because the manufacturers could no longer provide spare parts. We took care of the supply of secondary equipment and electrical-installation works.

Implementation year: 2021


ELES, d.o.o.; Hajdrihova 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

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