SS 110/20 kV Dobruška vas – turnkey project

Distribution facilities

SS 110/20 kV Dobruška vas was one of our turnkey projects

SS 110/20 kV Dobruška vas – turnkey project

Scope of work:

  • Construction works
  • Supply of primary equipment
  • Electrical installation works
  • Assmebly, supply, mounting and instalaltion of secondary equipment cabinets for high and medium voltage switchyards
  • Auxiliary system supply
  • Assembly, supply, mounting and installation of control and protection system
  • Configuration and parametrization
  • FAT and SAT tests
  • Commissioning 

In September 2019 we began with construction works of a new distribution transformer substation in Dobruška vas, which is of significant importance for further economy development and growth in the region. The new substation relieved Bršljin and Gotna vas substations, the voltage conditions for end customers improved and consumption capacity on 20 kV distribution voltage in and around Škocjan and Šentjernej grew.
The area was supplied with energy by distribution transformer substation in Ločna through the cable line Kronovo. During the past years the operating conditions reached the limits of loads and voltage drops. The current infrastructure did not enable the area to develop and grow which the new substation does.

Implementation year: 2021


Elektro Ljubljana d.d.; Slovenska cesta 58, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

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