First MSCDN in SS Divača

Transmission facilities

As a part of the Sincro.Grid project we delivered and installed the first MSCDN capacitor in Slovenia

First MSCDN in SS Divača

Scope of work:

  • Primary and secondary equipment supply for two 400 kV fields.
  • Electrical installation works.
  • Installation of high voltage devices, secondary equipment, calibration, connecting, FAT and SAT tests, testing for MSCDN and VSR 400 kV fields.

In Sepetmber 2019 we gained business on a tender and became the leading contractor for the project. The project is a part of a big smart grid investment project, Sinro.Grid, of European significance in the territory of Slovenia and Croatia. The main purpose of the project is to manage the power of currents by using advanced technical systems and algorithms in such a way as to improve the quality of voltages in the electricity system and increase the transmission capacity of existing electricity lines. Integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity system will be easier and more efficient and will increase the security of customer supply.

Mechanically Switched Capacitor with Damping Network (MSCDN) is the first device for voltage regulation with capacitive characteristics being installed in the Slovenian electricity system. The electricity system is volatile and it is getting harder to predict how it will behave from one day to another. Power flows change depending on different factors such as the wind power production, the sun, the conditions in the Balkan or in northern Europe. These are the reasons why the needs and conditions in the system are changing hourly. This device will help us to address such problems more easily and solve them accordingly. The device with capacitive characteristics regulates the reactive power and thus increases the voltage of the electricity grid on the 400 kV level.

Implementation year: 2021


ELES, d.o.o.; Hajdrihova 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

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