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Key trends in the automotive industry

27. 02. 2019 Electronics and Drives

In setting the strategy for the future, Kolektor follows global megatrends. In all strategic business units, we operate in such a way that our activities reduce the burden on the environment. What are the key trends in the automotive industry or which questions do we want to find the answers to? How will the future propulsion system look, how will the user use cars and communicate with the vehicle?

In the Mobility Components and Systems strategic business unit, we strive to make our products with as low burden on the environment as possible. We use the appropriate clean technologies and participate with products in those solutions that minimize the burden on the environment in the final product. With components and more complex solutions, such as our niche drives, we support these guidelines (electromobility within hybrid vehicles and in fully electric vehicles).

Electrification, connectivity and autonomous driving

In the supply chain, Kolektor is present in all these trends. We focus mainly on components and systems that are part of electrification and autonomous driving, since these are long-term trends and an opportunity for many new projects.

The future will be electrified and autonomous

An electrified and autonomous future will bring a lot of growth in all electrical applications in the car. Regarding the EU's strict commitments in the field of CO2 emissions from automotive engines, we could conclude that we will only be driving hybrid and electric vehicles. In the field of electronics and drives, Kolektor is mainly focused on two areas: special sensors and niche drives. In hybrid components, we talk about the application of various basic precision stamping technologies, various metal coating and polymers processing technologies, all of which are combined in some kind of special connectors. The motor-electronics connector is the key element that must work and in most cases cannot be redundant. Therefore, the level of quality required is the highest and we can assure it.

Driving autonomy will allow car sharing and the economy of sharing. In 2017, Kolektor became the owner of the German company Conttek and with it the Czech Tesla Jihlava, which are placed in the unit of hybrid components by their products. These products are incorporated into systems that are important in autonomous driving, eg. steering mechanisms, braking mechanisms, ambient detection functions, etc.


The connectivity of the home and the car is also an important trend, as people today are constantly connected with friends and the world by using mobile phones. By developing business models and autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity, the market will be segmented and more and more services will be provided to cover the specialized needs for mobility. The car will no longer be a product, but also a service.

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