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Construction 4.0 – megatrends implemented in practice

27. 02. 2019 Civil Works

Digitization penetrates into every pore of our lives. The construction industry is globally in the penultimate place in terms of digitization and only a few construction companies already take advantage of new technological solutions. Kolektor Koling and Kolektor CPG are among the few Slovenian construction companies that have already begun introducing digitization.

Digitization offers unprecedented opportunities to construction, which, by linking the entire value chain, enable the company to increase productivity. With digitization, we can design, build and manage buildings more effectively: we run machines, we control the amount of excavations with drones, perform 3D-scans of objects, manage objects to virtual reality, etc. 

Digitalization on the Lonstroff project

We have already begun introducing digitization, namely in the Lonstroff project in Logatec. We have introduced a common data environment which serves to collect and exchange all files and data connected to the project. The ViewPoint system enables us to optimize and also automate processes, which means great time savings and better traceability of documentation and execution of tasks. The construction site support system, which, like ViewPoint, works in the cloud, was also used for the first time in the Lonstroff project. We use the FieldView software tool to monitor quality control, occupational safety and progress of work. The application is optimized for mobile devices (tablet, mobile phone), so the data can be captured at the site. By using the program, we improved the quality control and occupational safety control, and above all, we saved time, because the data is captured at the site and need not be copied again. The goal is to increase the quality by ongoing supervision, reduce the number of complaints and improve occupational safety.

New technological solutions

With Civil works program we are able to offer new technological solutions to buyers, namely modular construction with concrete prefabricated and semi-prefabricated elements, advanced technological equipment such as finisher, concrete pumps and other equipment. Kolektor CPG is leading in Slovenia in the recycling of old asphalt, as it can add up to 15 percent in new mixtures – as permitted by regulations for the Slovenian market. We are also among the leading companies in Slovenia regarding the development of concrete and construction recyclates. By the development of processes and project tools, we are currently working on assemblies such as: systemization, optimization of business processes and projects, support for business processes and projects with relevant ICT tools and platforms (BIM), computerization, automation.


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