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Technologically perfect water treatment and water management system

Water is becoming one of the most important natural resources. Our projects for water treatment and water management system are based on up-to-date concepts implementing the latest technological findings. They are energetically optimal, reliable and user friendly, without unnecessary excessive customer involvement.

We use modern procedures and approaches to plan, design and construct comprehensive technological systems for water treatment and purification and process management in water and sewerage networks.


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Why work with us

  • integral technological engineering services in the field of water treatment and management
  • introduction of modern technologies for the preparation of drinking and technological water and the purification of waste water
  • establishment of systems for the detection and reduction of water losses and the optimization of the operation of water and sewerage networks
  • installation of telemetry systems and the remote reading of water consumption
  • wide range of high-quality technological equipment for water supply systems (plumbing, sewerage, irrigation, fire, technological, heating ...)
  • top water experts with more than 25 years of experience
  • focus on increasing the efficiency, reliability and cost optimization of the operation, management and maintenance of water supply systems
  • our cooperation with leading global companies in the field of water technologies gives us access to the latest technologies and solutions
  • a wide range of reliable, efficient and safe product
  • we provide top-notch technical support and consulting, and the maintenance and servicing of devices and systems

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