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Micro-Motor transfer to Slovenia


Micro-Motor Ltd., a company based in Therwil (BL), announced today that it will transfer all of its business operations, including product development, production, and administration, to Slovenia. For this purpose, Micro-Motor has formed a new company. Their partner to enter the newly established company will be KOLEKTOR. The company will operate from Idrija. The transfer will be completed by January 1, 2016.

Stefan Menzl, Managing Director of Micro-Motor Ltd, explains:  "Following the decision taken by the Swiss National Bank in January 2015 to no longer fix the price of the Swiss Franc at 1.20 against the Euro and the subsequent strengthening of the Swiss Franc, this step has become necessary. The niche production of small series is a labor-intense process and, due to the current exchange rate of the Swiss Franc, our products have become significantly more expensive for our European customers. Our competitiveness in the market place has decreased. We are convinced that Micro-Motor will regain its competitive edge thanks to this transfer and the collaboration with Kolektor."

Radovan Bolko, President of the Management Board of KOLEKTOR, explains: "We are pleased to become a partner to Micro-Motor. This partnership in the field of niche drives strengthens our global recognition in the electronics and drives segment. Collaboration with Micro-Motor is well in line with Kolektor strategy, under which we are committed to long-term development of drives and complete system solutions.

About Micro-Motor

Micro-Motor was founded in Basel more than 70 years ago. Its business is development, production, and distribution of customer-specific electro motors and drive systems for use in wheel chairs, stair lifts, warehouse handling systems, curtain tracks and similar applications. The vast majority of customers operate in Europe.

More information is available on Micro-Motor's website at www.micromotor.ch.


KOLEKTOR with its seat in Idrija, Slovenia, connects almost 30 companies and subsidiaries on strategic world markets in Europe, in the USA and in Asia. KOLEKTOR companies are organized in the following business divisions: Components and systems, Building technology and Energy and industrial technology.

For many years, KOLEKTOR has been a most successful player in the development of components for electro motors and other industry products and is very active in the niches for drives and motor electronics.

More information is available on KOLEKTOR's website at www.kolektor.com.

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