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Kolektor Solemnly Celebrates the Opening of a New Production Hall in Mexico


Production hall that the Kolektor group opened with a ceremony in Silao – Guanajuato, Mexico became company's 18th production site. Mexico thus became the eighth country in which the group operates its production. »For Kolektor group, today is a big day, for today we officially enter a very important, Mexican market. Mexico is a land of opportunities, a land of growth,« president of the Kolektor group, Radovan Bolko, said in the opening ceremony.

Kolektor first showed interest in Mexico back in 2005, when the group was planning to take over a Mexican company. In the following years, there were several attempts to take over Mexican companies, but none of them was successful. Therefore, the group's management decided for a greenfield investment. The beginnings of the Kolektor GTO company goes a good year and a half back. »In Mexico, all of the world-renowned car production companies are located along with their supply chains. One could say that Mexico is the new Detroit. Logistics infrastructure in Mexico is well-developed and, what is of the highest importance, it has a very favorable demographic pyramid, as well as a good education system. This is the assurance for the inflow of highly qualified technical staff,« Valter Leban, board member of the group, says and goes on saying that 5 location had been visited when looking for the best possible option to open a production hall. Based on a numerous sensible criteria, the industrial park Santa Fe in Leon, Guanajuato was chosen. »We were convinced by the orderliness, location itself, professional management, incentives of the local community, and the presence of respected companies, such as Volkswagen, Pirelli, Denso etc.«

For many years now, the Kolektor group has been following a growth strategy that is based on a highly customer-oriented approach. Operational excellence and the reputation of a development supplier are definitely the two advantages in favor of customer satisfaction. »But there is more to it. We want something that makes us different from our competitors. We literally follow our customers. Production-development centers are built on locations marked by global presence of our customers. The principle local for local had been implemented, which provides the necessary flexibility for our customers and reduces risks. Together, we contribute to sustainable development,« Valter Leban says.

Serial production in Kolektor GTO began in September 2014. »The start was extremely encouraging. A team of most important employees was trained perfectly and the production runs already. The production hall and the equipment are top-quality. The goals ahead of us, which had been set in the strategy, are challenging and ambitious,« president of the Kolektor group, Radovan Bolko, says. As of now, three production lines for HB commutators operate in the production hall, as well as a production line for connectors. These lines represent a a starting point for further projects. For the current production, less than 50% of all available capacities are being used. Therefore, there is enough space to complement the existing production program with the hybrid technology program.

Kolektor GTO plans to fill the production site completely in the next 5 years – by 2020. Existing programs will extend, as well as new ones, and the company will become a production-development center bringing satisfaction to customers, employees and the owners.

Total value of the investment that Kolektor made in Mexico is estimated at €10 million.

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