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Kolektor Group d.o.o. signed the agreement on the purchase of CONTTEK Group


By signing the agreement, Kolektor will become the owner of the German CONTTEK Holding GmbH (CONTTEK Group), which is the 100% owner of the companies CONTTEK GmbH in Germany and TESLA Jihlava s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, subject to the consent of the competent competition authorities. The CONTTEK Group has a good €50 million of turnover p.a. and employs over 500 people. It is a global producer in the field of precision stamping, injection molding, overmolding and assembly of high-precision metal-plastic composite parts for the automotive industry. Its customers are the most important suppliers to the global automotive industry.

One of the main motives of Kolektor is growth – it grows organically and through acquisitions. Its set goal is to reach €1 billion of turnover by 2022.

In order to strengthen its business unit of hybrid components, which is a part of the strategic business unit Mobility Components and Systems, and to become one of the top producers of high-precision metal-plastic composite parts in Europe and worldwide, Kolektor decided to upgrade and complement its existing technologies.

Through this acquisition, Kolektor will be able to become one of the leading players in the field of hybrid components in the European market and globally. It will combine excellent competences and the well-established name of CONTTEK and TESLA and the global presence of Kolektor in this market.

The purchase agreement has been concluded and the application for a consent, necessary for the final transfer of ownership, was submitted to the German Competition Authority. Kolektor and CONTTEK Group have committed to business secrecy as regards the agreement and the terms and conditions of the transfer of ownership.

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