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We promote the use of water energy

Our guiding principle is to promote the use of hydropower and innovation in the field of hydraulic machine efficiency in terms of development, design, know-how, production and use.

We have successfully implemented a number of reference projects in more than 40 countries. We have developed more than 230 turbine models and performed on-site testing. We have implemented more than 100 pump development and renovation projects and installed more than 400 turbines on several small hydropower plants.

The main areas of our operation are:

  • model research and development of all types of water turbines and pumps
  • independent model testing and on-site testing for all types of installed turbines and pumps
  • design, engineering, production, installation, commissioning and the after-sales service of new and refurbished electromechanical equipment for all types of turbines and pumps


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Why work with us

  • expert team with a knowledge of hydropower plant development, design, model testing, turbine refurbishment, pump optimization, production and use of small water turbines, pumps and fans, control and regulation equipment and engineering of equipment for small hydropower plants
  • cooperation with research and education institutions in the EU
  • more than 60 years of experience
  • use of one of the most advanced turbine models in the world
  • own production capacity
  • experience, knowledge, capacities and equipment to meet the customer's requirements
  • turnkey solutions (from conceptual design, design, development and design of the solution, up to implementation and maintenance)
  • independent institute for hydraulic machines
  • we offer a complete range of products and services for small and mini hydropower plants
  • we provide complete support for large hydropower plants

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