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Tami, about common and personal victories on the Ljubljana Marathon

06. 12. 2018

Kolektor's team of 270 runners was one of the most numerous on the Ljubljana Marathon this year. Tami Gantar from the Kolektor Human Resources Department was one of five persons on the longest trial and she runs approximately 700 km a year.

Tami, about common and personal victories on the Ljubljana Marathon

Why do you run? In the first place for relaxation, but it is also important for me to maintain general fitness.

Running is better than ... It's hard to compare, running itself is usually not as good as the feeling after a completed training, which is fantastic.

What do you want to achieve in running? As mentioned above, it is primarily for my relaxation, but it is often also the quality time that I spend with my loved ones. Because, by nature, I am a person who needs challenges, I also set the challenges in the field of sports and sometimes I like to test my borders.

Do you prefer to run alone or in company? Depending on the mood.

What kind of person were you before you started running? I would say the same. But running has definitely taught me that with perseverance, hard work and confidence, you can achieve many things, even what may seem unattainable at first.

Who congratulated you first when you crossed the finish line? My boyfriend with whom we came to the finish together.

How many kilometers do you run a year? I run between 600 and 700 kilometers a year.

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