Kolektor Worldwide

Human resources and traning & education

In the group, much focus is placed to employees and their professional growth. Individuals are thus given the opportunity to fulfil their expectations by means of:

  • dynamic work and stimulative payment;
  • financing of the pension plan;
  • financing of the voluntary supplementary pension insurance;
  • possibility of special education and promotion;
  • engagement in various projects;
  • work abroad.

Training & education process in the Kolektor group operates by two basic principles, as follows:

  • training & education of future employees, divided into two parts: granting of scolarships and additional education prior to concluding of an employment contract;
  • training and educating of the already employed people: training of new workers, schooling with work to acquire adequate formal educatino grade, and functional training.

Our engagement in training & education projects :

  • research workshops and camps in cooperation with primary school;
  • pupils of Gimanzija Jurija Vege and of other secondary schools as well as students are given the possibility of completing their obligatory practice;
  • cooperation with the Inštitut Jožef Stefan of Ljubljana, with faculties for mechanical engineering, for electrotechnics, for economy.

For secondary school pupils and students

Every year the group grants scolarships for schooling in secondary schools and in faculties of technical and social science branch of study.

Pupils and students can complete their practice, elaborate term papers and final theses.

Current affairs

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