Distribution transformer subtstaion in Ločna

Distribution transformer subtstaion in Ločna

Distribution facilities

Distribution transformer subtstaion in Ločna

New distribution transformer subtstation in Ločnaova RTP Ločna

Implementation year


Scope of work 
•Assembly, supply and installation of 110 kV and 20 kV equipment
• Production, supply and installation of auxiliary system and control and protection system
• FAT and SAT tests
• Commissioning

SODO d.o.o.; Minarikova ulica 5, 2000 Maribor, Slovenija





The city of Novo Mesto and its surroundings received a significantly increased reliability of electricity supply with a new distribution transformer station in Ločna. Another positive fact is that the distribution transformer substations in Bršljin and Gotna Vas were relieved. Further joining and development of current consumers is able now due to the capacity release. The new distribution transformer substation is also very important for the economy as further development and growth of companies, such as Krka, Revoz and Adria Mobil, is enabled.

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