Distribution transformer station in Hrastnik

Distribution transformer station in Hrastnik

Distribution facilities

Distribution transformer station in Hrastnik

Renewal of distribution transformer substation in Hrastnik

Implementation year 2019 

Scope of work
•Electrical assembly and installation works
• Equipment supply
• Production, assembly, supply and installation of secondary and telecommunication equipment
• FAT and SAT tests
• Commisioning

Elektro Ljubljana d.d.; Slovenska cesta 58, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija






In 2017 the renewal of the old distribution transformer substation began. The old subtstaion was built in the 80s to supply the population and economy in Zasavje region. The renewal of the 110/20 kV distribution transformer substation was, from a technical side of view, very challenging due under voltage work which enabled continuous electricity supply to the inhabitants and the companies. During the renovation the 35 kV voltage level was abolished and transition from 10 to 20 kV voltage level was done. The renovated distribution transformer substation ensures higher reliability of electricity supply, greater transmission power of the network and less losses in the network, which enables further development of the Zasavje area.

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