Kolektor Worldwide



Kolektor  becomes  owner of the Italian Microtel Group with production companies in Italy (Microtel) and Germany (Siegert electronic) and representations in France and China.
Kolektro purchases the German Conttek Holding GmbH (Conttek Group), in 100% of two companies: Conttek GmbH in Germany and Tesla Jihlava s.r.o. In the Czech republic.


Kolektor Koling purchases from Primorje a total of 97-percent share of the company CPG thus becomes largest construction company in Slovenia and one of largest in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Opening of a new production hall of the Kolektor GTO (Mexico).
Opening of a new production hall of the Kolektor CCL (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Kolektor purchases Ascom.
Kolektor purchases 51-percent share in the Swiss company Micro-Motor 8CH), and establishes Micro-Motor in Idrija. With this acquisition, Kolektor has upgrades the complexity of its products. The program relocated from Switzerland represents the basis for ranking us among the key players in the field of e-mobility.
Acquisition of the  full Family friendly Company certificate.


Merger of Kolektor Synatec and Kolektor Sinabit into Kolektor Sisteh.
Establishment of Kolektor ATS in Serbia.


50th anniversary of the Kolektor

Kolektor's first "Lean Academy" 

Kolektor acquires Turboinštitut. Turboinštitut manufactures equipment used in the power industry and turbines for small hydro power plants
Opening of a new production plant in KMT Essen in Germany. Kolektor Magnet Technology is the leading producer of injection molding plastic and magnetic components and as such enjoys the status of a developing supplier and is well renowned with all German clients. The new production plant is located on 7,000m2, while the sales and marketing divisions occupy an area of another 1,000m2. In total, the new production plant houses 45 production lines.


Through purchase of the Etra 33 company, thus renamed to Kolektor Etra, Kolektor enters the field of energy

The two programs Tooling and Machine construction from two locations Postojna and Idrija are joined into a company Kolektor Orodjarna
Kolektor takes over the ECS Essen company supplementing the magnet materials program and incorporates it into the group as the Kolektor Magnet Tehnology GmbH
With purchase of the German company Missel Schwab the programs in the Building segment are supplemented
Kolektor KFH is established
Kolektor Kočevje is established

2006 LIV Postojna is subject to take over, a part of the company Synatec and a part of the company Abit are joined into a new synergy company Kolektor Sinabit
2004 Group method of managing companies is introduced by Kolektor
2002 Kirkwood sells its business share to the Slovene proprietors of Kolektor, thus Kolektor is 100% in Slovene property. Kolektor buys off the German company Kautt&Bux from Kirkwood
2000-2001 In the process of globalization and diversification of the production program, Kolektor becomes majority shareholder in the companies Iskra Feriti (Ljubljana), Sinyung (South Korea), TKI Inc. (USA), Synatec (Idrija)
1999 Strategy of globalization and internationalization
1997 Kolektor takes over the leading role in commutator production in Europe
1994 Business strategy: development and marketing of the KOLEKTOR trade mark
1993 The American company Kirkwood purchases Kauttt&Bux thus becomes 51% proprietor of Kolektor
1990 - 1991 Beginning of privatization of Kolektor d.o.o. Together with Kautt &Bux Kolektor establishes a trade company Comtrade GmbH in Klagenfurt – basis for internationalization of the trade net worldwide
1980 - 1984 Beginnings of proper development of technologies and acquisition of the first patent
1968 Signing of a long-term contract on joint investing and cooperation with the German company Kautt & Bux
1963 Tovarna kolektorjev Idrija is established