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K Magazin

K Magazin is a new Kolektor magazine which replaced the former Komunitator magazine. Its purpose is to present employees and events from companies within Kolektor to the employees and the general public. K Magazin is published four times a year.

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Komunitator was (former) Kolektor magazine which was published four times a year between 2001 and 2017. It was replaced by the K Magazin magazine.


Informator is a specialized magazine from the field of electrical engineering prepared and elaborated on part of employees of companies Kolektor Sisteh and Elsing Inženiring. Beside news regarding said two companies, it features topical issues and items from the sales program and expert advice and solutions from the field of electrical engineering, informatics, and automatic.

The magazine published in Slovenian language is free of charge, it is released 3 times a year for our customers, business partners, and numerous general, school and university libraries.