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This website is managed by Kolektor Group d.o.o., Vojkova ulica 10, SI-5280 Idrija, Slovenia. These webpages provide general information regarding KOLEKTOR, our products and services.

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KOLEKTOR manages, oversees and updates webpages that are also intended for an international audience.

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KOLEKTOR will manage the webpages with due diligence and will work to provide accurate information and up-to-date data, however, the company assumes no responsibility for the data's accuracy and completeness. We reserve the right to modify the contents of these webpages and legal information at any time, in any way and without prior notice.

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Pursuant to the privacy protection law currently in force in the Republic of Slovenia, KOLEKTOR protects the personal data obtained from or submitted by the users of the company's webpages.

Users are able to visit our website without giving out their personal data, and the website does not carry out any automated collection of personal data. We only collect personal data when users submit it by themselves. If users submit their personal data, it is considered that they have also personally consented to their collection and processing.

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If you have any questions regarding this website, please contact lpmflupsAlpmflups/dpn.

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