Kolektor Worldwide

Hybridics Products

Precision thermoset parts

  • Metal replacing parts and automotive applications
  • Non-automotive products (power tools, household appliances,...)


  • Clutch pistons, if required with an integrated magnet for start-stop
  • Distance pieces with tight tolerances
  • Pump cores


  • Molded high-gloss surface which also after abrasion of the top resin layer shows best friction combined with low wear
  • High burst pressure (short-term up to 100 bar, permanent 50 bar)
  • Manufacturing in clean room surrounding if required
  • Integrated magnets glued or overmolded

Sensors – leak-proof molding

  • Overmolding of electronics, magnets and sensors with thermoset materials


  • Sensors for gearbox, clutch systems and other applications


  • Low processing temperature and low cavity pressure, so that the electronic components are only heated slightly
  • Suitable for use in aggressive substances (eg. MTF / ATF)
  • Leakage rate according to automotive standards „leak-proof solution"
  • Mechanical stability at extreme temperatures (-40°C to +200°C) and high pressure
  • Suitable for permanent temperatures >150°C
  • Ideal for compact exact designs with low wall thickness
  • Long lifetime

Hybridics – connecting current and assemblies

  • Contact units for EPS, Alternator, HVAC and other applications
  • Standard and special slip rings for EV
  • Kolektor is a leading supplier of slip rings in Europe


  • Key competence in stamping, welding and molding
  • Existing and established supplier – customer relationship
  • High degree of automation
  • Global representation of production and development locations