Kolektor Worldwide


We provide innovative development and production solutions in the field of technologically demanding electromotor control applications in electric vehicles, electric power tools, household and industrial appliances and elements.

Our products stand for complete control of various motor parameters (speed, torque, position). We provide standard solutions and custom-made solutions. Both excel by high efficiency and robust design.


  • Power electronic design: thermal management
  • Protection circuit against vibration, humidity
  • Motor control: U/f, vector control, sensor/sensorless control, etc.
  • HMI interfaces: LCD control, touch screens, etc.
  • Sensor technology: thermal, magnetic field, etc.
  • Communication interface: RS485, RS422, LIN, TCP/IP, etc.
  • Proficiency in wide range of development tools


  • Production process know-how
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Project management
  • Organization according to ISO 9001 and 14000


  • Comprehensive solution & development partnership
    (idea, development, production, support)
  • Advanced motor control know-how
  • Integrated development and production capability
  • Proper production of component parts
  • Comprehensive performance (idea, development, production, support)
  • Circuit development, simulations, etc.
  • Design of PCB (including 3D models)
  • Embedded SW development
  • Pretesting of products (functionality, EMC, EMI, ESD, etc.)
  • Industrialization (test equipment, tooling, production)
  • Development support of PM BLDC motor

Suitable for:

  • Power tools, gardening tools
  • Home appliances
  • Pumps
  • Electrical vehicles
  • Industrial applications
  • Military


ElektronikaElektronikaDC motor control
Platform: 8 bit
Voltage range: 10,4VDC-42VDC
Power range: 100-1600W
Motor control: sensor-based PWM control


ElektronikaElektronikaUniversal control
Platform: 8 bit
Voltage range: 110/230VAC 50/60Hz
Power range: 700-2700W
Motor control: sensor-based/sensorless phase angle control

ElektronikaElektronikaBrushless PM motor control
Platform: 8/16 bit
Voltage range: 12-36VDC-90-400VAC 50/60Hz
Power range: 35-3000W - 40kW
Motor control: sensor/sensorless,
block/vector control mode


ElektronikaElektronikaInduction motor control
Platform: 8/16 bit
Voltage range: 110/230VAC 50/60Hz
Power range: 50-1500W
Motor control: sensor/sensorless, U(f)/vector control

ElektronikaElektronikaSwitched reluctance motor control
Platform: 16 bit
Voltage range: 230VAC 50Hz
Power range: 1600W
Motor control: sensor/sensorless