Kolektor Worldwide

Responsibility to business partners

Focusing on the customer is one of the key components of the philosophy, vision and strategy of KOLEKTOR. Such an approach enables us to cope successfully with global competition and is strongly linked to the quality of our products, services, processes, expertise and work. Meeting or surpassing customer requirements and expectations (which are every day more demanding), process and system approach, continual improvement and adherence to other principles of quality management, is the path towards long-term business success.

A transparent, measureable and efficient quality system is of the utmost importance in quality management. It is determined by the rules of the procedure manual, by internal processes, instructions and other documents that describe the practise of our operations, in line with the requirements of the standards.

The basic guideline of KOLEKTOR is the continual improvement of products and services and to fulfil and exceed customer expectations. We aim to achieve this:

  • by a commitment of full responsibility for the quality of work of each individual, under the principle »Do it well, first time over«;
  • by the ongoing process of improvement in the region of quality processes, products and services;  
  • by the involvement of all employees in the education process;
  • by the introduction of the principle of internal buyers and suppliers;  
  • by team work and project approach, and
  • by the fulfilment of objectives set out in the annual and strategic plans.

The basic standard of the management system at the group's level is the ISO 9001 standard. This is also the basis of all the other standards from which we upgrade and expand the management system. We manage systems which certify:

  • a Quality Management system according to ISO 9001 standards,
  • an Environmental Management system according to ISO 14001 standards,
  • a system of Health and Safety At Work according to technical specifications OHSAS 18001,
  • a Quality Management system according to technical specifications ISO TS 16949.

Quality certificates, awards and prizes from our business partners are proof that our products are of high quality and our processes reliable. All manufacturing companies in KOLEKTOR are established and maintained by a Quality Management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001. Companies focused on the automobile market have been further upgraded with the technical specification ISO TS 16949.