Kolektor Worldwide

Mission, vision, strategy


We are a development- and market-oriented company characterized by innovation, financial stability, and successful operations. Our solutions to the technological challenges of the future and our quest for new business opportunities satisfy the expectations of our owners, business partners, and employees, as well as the environment.


With an active policy of globalization and focused diversification based on organic growth and acquisitions, we are aiming at an annual turnover of €1 billion by 2020. Through the development of technologically demanding products and solutions, we will be among the leaders in individual market niches, thereby supporting customer growth and development.


Activity of the Kolektor group is divided into three strategic business units:

Kolektor  actualizes its convictions with values– main principles of the Kolektor group operation, as follows:

  • responsibility –  to work, proprietors, employees and environment
  • fairness – to business partners and co-workers
  • passion for success – dedicated to achieving set goals
  • customer proximity – focused on satisying customers
  • inventivness – driven by ideas and their realization 
  • team spirit – able to work together for common goals