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Kolektor has become 100% owner of Kolektor Micro-Motor


Kolektor has become 100% owner of Kolektor Micro-Motor earlier than it was planned in the beginning. When purchasing the 51% share of Kolektor Micro-Motor, Kolektor has signed the agreement with the Swiss company Micro-Motor, under which Kolektor was entitled to acquire a 100% share of Kolektor Micro-Motor by the end of June 2018. However, the partners have mutually agreed on the early purchase of the remaining 49% share of Kolektor Micro-Motor.

In the past year, the entire production of drives has been successfully relocated from Switzerland to Idrija. In spite of the 100% ownership of Kolektor in Kolektor Micro-Motor, a few Swiss colleagues will remain in Idrija to provide assistance in the development and the acquisition of new business opportunities.

In September 2015, Kolektor purchased the 51% share of the new company Kolektor Micro-Motor established by the Swiss company Micro-Motor due to the relocation of production to Slovenia. With this acquisition, Kolektor has upgraded the complexity of its products. The program relocated from Switzerland represents the basis for ranking us among the key players in the field of e-mobility.

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