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Kolektor and Faculty of Computer and Information Science collaborating in the field of IT and digitalization


Kolektor has implemented a number of internal projects in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through which its collaboration with the Faculty of Computer and Information Science from Ljubljana could be upgraded and strengthened. Valter Leban, a Member of the Board of Management of Kolektor, and Maja Leban, Kolektor CIO, presented to the faculty management the challenges that Kolektor faces, and the Kolektor vision in the field of digitalization.

Both, Kolektor and the faculty, strive for closer collaboration between the industry and the academic circles. The first step in this direction was the meeting of the Kolektor representatives with the Faculty of Computer and Information Science team. Kolektor was represented by the experts from Kolektor Orodjarna, including Vision department, Kolektor Sisteh, Kolektor Ventures, Idrium team and the digitalization team members. The management of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science presented six laboratories and their student accelerator program. The participants exchanged their views on data analyses, process simulation and optimization, security of devices in IoT, neural networks, cognitive modeling, computer vision and other upcoming technologies of the factories of the future. The next step to strengthen the collaboration will include in-depth workshops with specific laboratories.

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