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IoT Conference is a one-day event that brought students, economists and academicians in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) together for the second time this year. The aim of the organizers is to educate and motivate IoT enthusiasts through industry advancements, start-up innovations and state of the art research outcomes presented at the conference. The focus of the conference was placed on how IoT is transforming different industries and our daily lives.

At the event with Kolektor as the main sponsor, the presentations were given by the key companies in the field of Industry 4.0, start-ups and other important stakeholders in the field. The afternoon part of the event started with the presentation by Valter Leban, a Member of the Board of Management of Kolektor. He demonstrated why a successful company even decided on a new strategic direction and what was the motivation behind digitization. He focused on the presentation of the possibilities of digital transformation in the field of production processes and the resulting cost reduction in the company.

The highlight of the event was the discussion on the subject of "Industry 4.0: How to increase competitiveness of Slovenia?" with the following participants: Valter Leban, Boris Koprivnikar, Jernej Mirt, Simon Grabar, Robert Trnovec and Dr. Marko Bajec. The discussion was led by the President of IoT Association, Urša Hribernik, and was based on the exchange of views in terms of politics, economy and science in the field of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. Minister of public administration of Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Koprivnikar, pointed out that Slovenia should aim at becoming "Switzerland" in terms of data. He discussed the development of Industry 4.0 and questioned if Slovenia is prepared for the industrial revolution and how does the Slovenian start-up scene differ from the American. He also pointed out: "Development is very fast in Silicon Valley because of the environment, not because people are smarter. The country should ensure the environment in which good entrepreneurial and scientific initiatives could develop quickly. He added that the Slovenian start-up scene is very active and lively, but it needs certain infrastructure to enable its fast development.

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