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Kolektor investing in Smart Optometry start-up from Idrija


Kolektor is constantly in pursuit of opportunities for growth; currently, it expands its product range to the field of corporate and social environment digitalization. Therefore, we have established the Kolektor Ventures corporate fund that finances technological start-ups in their early development phases. Kolektor start-up platform enables innovators the development of innovative ideas to the market penetration. Recently, Kolektor Ventures has made its first investment in the Smart Optometry start-up from Idrija.

The young Smart Optometry d.o.o. start-up from Idrija develops and provides software solutions for eye care. The main purpose and the vision of the young team is to provide a complete package of eye care as regular eye examinations are prerequisite for timely detection of possible eye disease that can result in partial or complete blindness. The main product of the company is the Smart Optometry application for iOS and Android smart devices, which is designed for eye-care practitioners to carry out eye examinations. The application enables precise, fast, simple and interactive eye examinations, which is of key importance for the quality of life.

The team already develops three new solutions that will enter the market in the next year and will also enable eye therapy for children with amblyopia and monitoring of the progression of age-related macular degeneration (macula). The company operates in international markets; among over 5,000 users of the application are eye-care practitioners from 157 different countries.


Smart Optometry

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