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With our proper development, construction and manufacture of quality cutting and bending tools, precise tools for injection molding of thermosets and thermoplastic, and other special tools we provide our customers resp. partners integral service and expert support, mainly in the pretentious segments of the automotive, building, and industry. More ...


  • Integral services ( from development to realization)
  • State-of-art software
  • Development and construction of tools with application of computer simulation
  • Modern processing machines
  • Modern laboratory and measuring gear
  • Prototype workshop and trial center
  • Possibility of testing of products on production machines within the group


  • Expertise and know-how in developing of the new products technology
  • Expertise and experience in the field of the automotive industry
  • Compliance with all regulated standards
  • Quality organization and flexibility of logistic processes
  • Certified managing systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)


  • Top quality and precision
  • Application of modern materials and procedures
  • Excellent surface protection of tools
  • Wide range of tools – from small and precise to large and complex ones
  • Rich tradition and experience in reforming of copper and in injection molding
  • Managing of industrial processes and requirements of customers
  • Comprehensive business and technical knowledge
  • Managing of modern development and production tools and equipment
  • Financial stability and capability of financing larger projects
  • Reliability and flexibility as well as support for customers in realizing of projects

We house all required software and hardware for construction, manufacture, quality control, and testing of the produced parts.

Mould design

To make 3D design of the mould we use Proengineer – modul MOULD and program EMX for final construction with all details.

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Rheology study

In the phase of mould design it is necessary to make flow analysis to provide injection points and some other details .

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Production preparation & planing

Possible to import most standard CAD formats (IGES, STEP, Proe, STL…)
COSCOM- Planninig and monitoring of production integration with SAP

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Electrode construction

  • Automatic electrode
  • Construction
  • Generation of CNC
  • Erosion programs
  • Erosion simulation

CAM programming , CNC simulation - HyperView, Hypermil

  • 2D programming with sophisticated feature recognition
  • 3D programming
  • 5-axis collision free programming
  • On-time simulation of CNC sequences
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3 & 5-axis milling machines

  • 3-axis machines with 2000x1000x700 mm working area and 4,5t table load
  • 5-axis machine with barrel of ø 800x500mm and 1000 kg table load

Electrode production

  • 5-axis milling machine, equipped for graphite machining

Sink erosion

OPS Ingersoll Gantry 800 in 1200


Tryout press

NC tryout press  REIS TUS 130


Quality control

  • 3D CNC measuring of final parts and comparison with CAD models
  • Optical inspection with Tesa Visi system for inspection of small parts and details

Final tryout

Final tryout and small serial production on Kraus – Maffei injection machines – possibility to trial of all kind of moulds (also 2K and GIT)


Tools we produce ensure optimal utilization of production space and favorable starting investment.

Tools made of quality materials with prolonged life expectancy are:

  • tools for injection molding of products of thermoset;
  • tools for manufacture of precise parts featuring tiny and complicated details of copper and steel sheet metal;
  • tools for Bihler automates;
  • tools for injection molding of precise parts without any subsequent machining; and
  • high-productivity injection molding tools featuring small use of material and more price-effective maintenance.

Solutions - examples

Groups of some products made with our tools to cover the demand of the automotive segment and the building segment

  • Interior in exterior (seat framework, headrest, pedals, air filters, illuminants frameworks, etc.)
  • Rotors and hybrid components (BLCD rotors, starter covers, pump housings, clutch pistons, etc.)
  • Commutators and slip rings (for vehicles, washing machines, household appliances, electrical tools, etc.)
  • Sanitary and cleaning technology (vacuum cleaners, drawers for refrigerators, in-wall cisterns, etc.)

More important customers for these products are: Bosch, Siemens VDO, Continental, Visteon, Valeo, GM ,Ti Automotive, ITW Deltar, MAHLE Filtersysteme, Gorenje, BSH, etc.)