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Machine Building

Machine building

Development and manufacture of lines and machines, of special equipment for production processes, and development and realization of automation and machine vision are key elements for development and competitiveness of our group.

We provide integral solutions to improve production productivity, reduce scrap and standstills, improve space utilization, and shorten leads-times and production cycles. More ...

Machine vision solutions

The mission of Kolektor is to assure customized, cost-efficient solutions for automated and highly reliable inspection of product quality in middle- and large-volume production companies. More ...


  • Development and realization of pretentious applications from the field of automation and machine vision
  • Development and manufacture of optimal equipment for new products
  • Development and manufacture of lines and machines for production processes
  • Innovative technical solutions
  • High quality and precision
  • Application of modern materials and procedures
  • Wide spectrum of tools – from small and precise to large and complex tools
  • Proficiency in modern development and production tools and equipment


  • Expertise and know-how in developing of the new products  technology
  • Expertise and know-how in the field of the automotive industry, meeting of requirements and standards
  • Certified managing systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949)
  • Standardized development of production processes in cooperation with the ordering party
  • Managing of a sub-contractor`s net – also in LCC


  • Equipment adjusted to production
  • References in the automotive segment
  • Rich tradition and experience in producing of lines and machines
  • Capacities for efficient managing of larger projects
  • Financial stability and competence for financing of larger projects
  • Reliability and flexibility and support for customers in realization of projects
Avtomatizacija in strojegradnja Avtomatizacija in strojegradnja Avtomatizacija in strojegradnja
  • Manufacture of complete special automated lines, custom-made
  • Machines and devices for optical inspection of more pretentious products
  • Machines and devices for the prototype production or research
  • Work places adapted to employees with health issues
  • Development and manufacture of optimal equipment for new products

Some of the renowned Slovene companies rely upon our competence:

TPV JOHNSON CONTROLS, Kolektor , Ascom, ETA Cerkno, YDRIA Motors , Polycom, Tipteh, ...


ASCOM ( Bosch )

Line for manufacture of slip rings
Avtomatizacija in strojegradnja


Mounting line for the vacuum cleaner Axel for the Lux company.
Avtomatizacija in strojegradnja